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Swiss Parking Guide

$14.95 $11.95

Swiss Parking Guide

$14.95 $11.95

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Product Details

The Swiss Parking Guide offers an easy guide tire feature for precision parking every time. The Parking Guide can be used for all types of cars and trucks. Only one guide is needed per vehicle.

The patented clip system allows for two or more Swiss Parking Guides to be mounted together, making it the first modular parking guide on the market.

If looking for a set of two Swiss Parking Guides, click here.

Size: 12″ Wide x 17″ Length x 0.75″ Height

Material: Recycled Rubber and Plastics

UV Stabilized Material

Tensile Strength: 2959 PSI

Rollover Weight: Up to 25,000 lbs.

100% Portable

Warranty: 7 Years

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 17 in