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Ribbed Edge Pack

$31.95 $27.65

Ribbed Edge Pack

$31.95 $27.65

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Product Details

The Ribbed Edge Pack is to add a finished edge to our Ribbed Drain Flooring Tiles. For existing mats, pads or flooring, the Ribbed Edges will add a colorful accent. The Ribbed Edge Pack includes 10 edges and 4 corners which your choice of colors.

Ribbed Drain Flooring Tiles are a part of the Rubbertrax line of recycled rubber flooring tiles. It’s about sustainability and Rubbertrax is our continued effort in providing a LEED Certified product that is both functional and durable. Rubbertrax tiles contain 100% post-consumer recycled content and is the only modular rubber tile in the world using 100% post-consumer recycled material. These tiles have a softer feel than traditional plastic tiles and enhances upon the elements of anti-fatigue and comfort.

The Ribbed Drain Flooring Tiles are appealing to the eye, easy to clean and will last for years. The soft, flexible anti-fatigue tiles provide cushioning for people who tend to stand for long periods of time. These areas include work shops, garages, commercial spaces, events and trade shows.

The Ribbed Drain Flooring Tiles are non-slip when wet while its open-profile tile design allows for easy cleaning as liquids and small debris easily fall through, keeping a clean top surface. While sold by the square foot, keep in mind that Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring tiles are produced at a slightly larger measurement: 15.75″ length x 15.75″ width a 0.75″ height.

Note: It is not recommended that the mat be placed under heavy objects or driven on.

Ribbed Edges Included: 10 (5 Lopped; 5 Pegged)

Ribbed Corners Included: 4

*For use only with our Ribbed Drain Flooring Tiles

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 x 16.75 x 18 in