By on August 23, 2014

Whether you are assembling one of our rubber tile mats and pads or completing a full floor installation, our modular interlocking tiles are a simple DIY install.

Below is a simplified step-by-step installation guide. For a full and printable detailed installation instruction guide, see the “Installation Instructions” PDF on the right side bar.


STEP 1: Preparation (Optional)

While this is an optional step, we highly recommend it. First, clear the flooring surface of any removable objects and/or items. Second, sweep or vacuum any excess dirt and debris off of the flooring surface.


STEP 2: Identifying the two different sides of your tile.

Tile Pegs and Loops

Notice the Peg and the Loop sides. Pay close attention that each tile you interlock replicates the same Peg and Loop direction.


STEP 3: Installing the next tile.

Tile Pegs and Loops SLIDE 2

With the palm of your hand, simply press down on Tile B to interlock into Tile A. Notice that the Pegs of Tile B will easily align and fit into the Loops of Tile A.


STEP 4: Completing the first row.

Continue across with your first row until the desired number of tiles across have been laid. Note: Mats and Pads have a suggested number of tiles to lay per row. Refer to each item’s install directions on its product page for specifications.


STEP 5:  Installing additional rows.

Tile Pegs and Loops SLIDE 3

Return to the LEFT side of the first row to start laying your second row. Repeat instruction for all rows until finished.


STEP 6: Installing edges.

If your flooring came with edges, you will notice two types of edges – one with Pegs and one with Loops. Interlock the edges in accordance with the appropriate side of the tile edges.